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Friday, December 26, 2008

Two Follow Up Reviews

What? No Christmas post? Well, this is kind of a Christmas post since the two films I'm doing a follow-up on were brought to me courtesy of gift-giving relatives. Thanks folks :D. 

Anyways, the follow-ups I'm doing are on two of the top rated Summer movies: The Dark Knight and Wall-E. Second viewings made different impressions than before, with Wall-E's being considerably better. Anyways, lets get to the reviews.

The Dark Knight: Revised Score: 7.8
I'm pretty sure thats the same score I gave it last time, because, while my views of The Dark Knight's flaws has changed, the amount of flaws stays the same. TDK is definitely a very entertaining movie, but I find that a shorter cut could have improved the pacing and general flow of the movie. I think TDK's greatest weakness is that it feels like two separate 90 minute movies, with three climaxes, since the second half's climax is a double climax. TDK is full of great scenes, but they feel somewhat out of order; it seems as if the development of the multiple plot lines impedes the flow of the movie, since the film is so overloaded that the plot lines consistently interrupt each other. While I have no problems with an over the top, overloaded film, I do have a problem with the fact that the overload actually results in a decrease in intensity. This is TDK's  greatest problem, and it greatly impeded my enjoyment of the film.
TDK's greatest strength, and a lot of its appeal comes from the amount of risks it takes. It deals even casualties to both sides, and actually kills off one of the key protagonists. Must like its titular hero, TDK does things that other movies wouldn't do, and that gives it strength.
Although the pacing and the sense of flow aren't very good, all of the independent scenes are excellent, they are well produced, and quite entertaining. Unfortunately, this whole doesn't make a sum as big as its parts make it to be, but it is still entertaining and technically well made.

Wall-E: Revised Score: 9.3
I was right about this one. I enjoyed it far more this time around. Like with my first time watching TDK, Wall-E's pacing caught me off guard since I didn't know the run time. Since most current P.I.X.A.R films clock in at about two hours, I expected Wall-E to be much longer and heavier and was disappointed in that regard. However, evaluating it as what it is, Wall-E packs lots of depth, laughter, fun and emotion into 90 minutes, and I predict it will grow on me even more as I continue to watch it. It's very easy to watch but also very rewarding, so I think I'll be popping this one in for years to come.

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