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Friday, December 12, 2008

Inflation Hits McDonalds...Sort of

So I went to McDonalds on thursday and was dismayed to find that the double cheeseburger had migrated from the Dollar Menu to the Sandwitch section. However, to my relief,  in its place on the dollar menu was a new sandwich called the McDouble. I asked the cashier what the difference was between the McDouble and the double cheeseburger, and she said that the McDouble had one slice of cheese while the double cheeseburger had two. The price difference was nineteen cents. Wow. Poor Ronald McDonald really had to tighten his belt during these tough economic times. He deprived dollar menu goers of 1 whole slice of american pasteurized, processed cheese food in order to save 19 cents. Of course, I wasn't about to pay extra, so I got the McDouble and of course, it was almost exactly the same. Now I'm not going to diss McDonalds for being cheap, but I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who is still buying the double cheeseburger in order to get that extra slice of cheese. I can accept that McDonalds wants to save some McMoney, but its strange to me that anyone would buy the double cheeseburger.

What the point of this post is, I don't know, it sounded much better in my head. I'm kind of out of the blog zone, as you can see by my pitiful amount of November posts, so I need to get my skillz back. But heres a post for December, and now that I'm on break 'yalls can expect summor.

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