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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Journey to the Center of the Earth Review

First of all, I'm not gonna bother putting "late review" in the title since all my reviews are late.
Second of all, the review:

At first I was worried from the look of things that this movie was going to be a violently unfaithful adaptation of the Jules Verne classic, but I am relieved to say that this film doesn't even attempt to be an adaptation. Rather it is an independent storyline that is inspired by the book but features different characters and plot. However, unlike the book it owes so much to, this film is exceedingly unimaginative. Its basically a vaguely entertaining string of cliches with a sci-fi plot to keep things moving. Its amazing it took three people to write the screenplay for this movie considering how exceedingly unoriginal is, especially regarding the dialogue, which is extremely typical and stiff. The acting is also weak, with flat performances, and Brendan Fraser spends most of the film yelling in an unintentionally ridiculous sounding voice. However, as unoriginal and stiff as this film is, its surprisingly tolerable. Despite the fact that the characters border on annoying and the plot pushes the boundaries between acceptable sci-fi and ridiculous fantasy, the film still comes off as entertaining. The action sequences are cliche but solidly built, and as this was originally made as a 3-D movie, a few cheap thrills is the most you can expect from it. Journey is nothing special, in fact its decidedly mediocre, but it definitely doesn't fall below the expected standards of a mediocre family adventure.

3rd of all, I wanted to watch the movie in its original 3-D form, but my family was insistent on watching the 2-D version in order to prevent headaches. That being said, I intend to see it in 3-D as well, so expect a Thoughts On follow up post on the 3-D version

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