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Monday, June 22, 2009


The blog is here to stay for the Summer. I haven't been blogging very much and didn't get all the reviews out that I hoped to, but I'm gonna be doing daily posts for a while to get the blog back in shape. Let's start with my review of UP, which I saw yesterday.

The people who came in late missed the best part. Up begins with a montage so poignant and beautifully excellent that it carries the rest of the film. As a result, director Pete Doctor is able to hit just the right emotional notes due to the deep emotional background that powers the film. When I first heard about Up, I immediately fell in love with the concept. A man tying balloons to his house and floating away? What's not to like? But I wasn't prepared for the incredible humanity and depth that makes this film not only an easy candidate for Best Animated Picture, but Best Picture overall. Up is sad, memorable, deep, sweet and hysterically funny, and gets just the right balance of humor and depth to keep audiences of all ages enthralled. The film made me laugh many times, but parts of it also had me tearing up. It's all masterfully wrapped up in just 96 minutes, and they're bound to be some of the bests minutes you spend on a couch or in a theater. PIXAR's masterpiece Up is a timeless, hilarious, bittersweet film that everyone can enjoy.

The short version-
|Score: |||||||||| 10/10|

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