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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Old Trailers

I watched The Maltese Falcon last night, and one of the most interesting features on it was "Warner Night at the Movies" which showed the trailer, newsreel, and cartoons shown before the film. Despite all the love for Looney Tunes, there are certainly some bad ones, and this obscure WWII spoof certainly was one of them. The humor and advertising used back then was so strange and different. The original trailer for the film is included and is funnier than the cartoon, with weird transitions from scene to scene and dramatic and repetitive narration. Its funny how things were advertised back then. The question is, is advertising now any less ridiculous? Sure, seeing special effects or jokes from the most exciting and funny scenes of the film whiz by in 30 seconds may seem more exciting than the slow ads of years long passed, but whether its an abundance of information or almost none at all, ads still don't usually give an accurate sense of what the film is like.

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