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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Speed Racer Late Review

Ok, my review of the new Speed Racer is long, long overdue, so I considered making this a Thoughts On post but I decided that the only scale I could use for this would be the guilty pleasures scale. Why? Because for some strange reason I actually liked this movie. A lot of action movies are known for being the top, but action scenes in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones often left me thinking "they could do more" especially since the action scenes are generally the only redeeming qualities that those films have. But, with Speed Racer,  despite the fact that it is dizzying, blinding, and exceedingly corny, the action scenes were incredibly commendable in the fact that they couldn't possibly be any more ridiculous and over the top than they  already are. I actually found myself liking the psychedelic yet appealingly cartoony style in the same way I enjoy nachos with a gallon of that nacho cheese stuff dumped on them, or a McDonalds burger. I really shouldn't be enjoying it, but I do, so might as well leave well enough alone, right?

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