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Friday, November 7, 2008

The Air CN Shows in Widescreen Petition

Oh, and be sure to grab the Chowder vol 1 DVD! It has the first five produced half-hours on it (10 stories total), each presented in their original wide-screen format. You'll see more picture than was shown on broadcast, plus an animatic for Chowder's Girlfirend.

That's from C.H Greenblatts blog. according to this, Chowder was originally made in widescreen. However, I have yet to see a single episode in widescreen, and the iTunes episodes are in pan and scan as well. This makes me angry at CN and it makes me wonder if there are other shows that are being made in widescreen and aired in fullscreen.

So, post a comment and I'll add your name to the petition to get chowder and possibly other shows like it shown on CN in their original state

James Sutton


Racattack Force said...

Just update to CN HD if you don't already have it. And they've aired an episode of Chowder in widescreen before.

MasterK said...

it makes sense since HD is in widescreen. but it still should be available to everyone.

CHDR said...

I remember them airing an episode in Widescreen, and the YAH premieres are in widescreen/HD.

MasterK said...

what's YAH? and according to racattack force, it only airs in widescreen on widescreen TVs

James Sutton said...

I love the widescreen so I totally support it!

Where can I sign the petition?

MasterK said...

by posting here and saying so you just did :D