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Friday, August 15, 2008

Flash Animation Using the "Model System" and New Shak Budisen Models

With Shak Budisen I use the "model system" which, although simpler than drawing the frames individually, makes the animation look a lot worse. Basically by right clicking or control clicking (for PC and Mac respectively) on a selected drawing and then selecting convert to symbol you can save a drawing in your library. Then, by creating a duplicate and hitting edit using the right click options, you can create a moving version of that model. This is very convenient because instead of drawing the characters and their motions every time you can just drag and drop preset animations from the library and by dragging the frames in the timeline repeat them as many times as you want. The disadvantage is that, although these repetitive models are good for just characters standing still and talking, you cannot create specific action animations, which is why in Shak's Aikido there are a lot of non-model drawings of Danny. Here are some models from the upcoming Shak Budisen MovieShak's eyes are closer together, and his mouth movements are designed to synch better. I especially like his angry animations this time around. Danny has the most radical new model as he is sporting a brand-new goatee. Nilfenburger is also featured as he will become one of the major characters of the film. 

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