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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New flash TP animation and film profiles for Cat the Movie 1&2

I'm taking a break from Shak Budisen to work on real films, however, they will have animated components, let me tell you why. Cat the Movie started out as a slideshow project when I got my first Mac, and was playing around with iPhoto and iDVD, and it featured pictures of my cat. Later, I developed sequel slideshows also featuring my cat, with captions added in to make them like a photo comic book. Than, when I got my camera, Cat the Movie was the first film I made with it. The problem was that it sucked. It was a mash up of 2 of my slideshow stories, but it had horrid shaky camera work, mostly single take shots where the camera didn't cut in time, and crappy voiceovers to be the voice of my cat, who, being a cat, was very hard to film with. After cat the movie, I went on to work on my fake nature series Looking at Nature, and then returned to remake cat the movie, this time with slightly better editing and added special effects, but still with crappy voiceovers. The story of these two versions was mostly the same, with the cat being attacked by Mr. Cage (the cat's former owner in the remake) who was a servant of the evil emperor whose goal was to enslave the cats. However, although I completed the re-make as scripted, I decided to add another scene. However, that scene was never shot, leaving the remake partially uncompleted. I took a break from filmmaking for a while and then shot another remake, this time with the evil emperor removed from the plot, with Mr. Cage as the lead villain, whose brain was damaged in a toxic swamp. The film showed his failed attempts to capture the cat in a cartoon styled structure. The cat did not talk in this film. Also, this film was where I started to develop my style, with the opening credits resembling stop motion. Than I wrote 2 scripts, one for a sequel and one for a spinoff. The sequel was delayed due to the fact that the cat would not stay in the place I meant to shoot, because the grass was dry at that time of year. While the sequel was delayed, I set to work on the spinoff Aardvark man, which is halfway finished. However, since I edited while I shot, I started editing more and shooting less, leading to its incomplete state. After that, I started to work on my next flash series The Dumb Adventures of Billee and Frank, several episodes of which are posted on this blog. Than, after completing the six short episodes of that series, I created Pandybatter, and started work on Noggin' it up in Rutabegese, which failed technically. While I was sorting it out, I did my first drawing of Shak Budisen, and started his series. After doing his stop motion, I became interested in stop motion animation. Then, I started work on South Park Memories, which once again got me into film, and when I used a toilet paper character for a brief segment in the film, I got the idea for toilet paper animation, which I did in stop motion, and today in flash. Now I intend to make a new cat the movie sequel with a toilet paper villain combining stop motion, flash, and live action. Heres a taste of what flash TP will look like:

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