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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mornings: I Know What I'm Missing

On weekdays, five days a week, I hate getting up. I wake up and go back to sleep. On weekends, I wake up, and I go back to sleep, only I don't eventually have to haul myself out of the comforts of my bed and go face the day. Which is one of the reasons I love traveling. I don't sleep well, I'm too wired to want to sleep, and so I get out of bed before everyone else wakes up, and see the city just before rush hour. The air is cold and energising, and when I'm in a different place, the morning air makes it feel and taste just that more different. Its definately cool. The other thing I enjoy about trip mornings goes back to when I stayed at my Aunt Peggy's house. I was on a family trip with my parents and grandparents, and, while at home I was used to either waking up and having everyone be ready to leave, or waking up and nobody being awake, my entire family suffered Jetlag and was on the same clock. So I'd wake up and everyone would just be arriving for breakfast. I didn't even have to get out my own cereal.

This is an uncharacteristic and totally non-angry rant courtesy of the still DAILY and still CYNICAL Daily Cynic.

P.S, I'm going traveling for the next two days, so no updates.

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