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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Samurai Jack: Season 1 Wrapup

I've been quite harsh when reviewing the first season episodes, mabey a bit too harsh. However, the point I was trying to illustrate was that the first season peaked in its second half, and was entertaining but suffered from poor pacing, and that the show itself peaked in the beginning of its fourth season. While these origonal episodes don't compare to the later excellent episodes, they are still very entertaining, if not as awesome as the peak episodes, which is as it should be. The best shows I've seen peak in their third and fourth seasons, and Jack is no exception. The trick is to watch these episodes first and watch as the show gets steadily better.

Score: 7

For the season 1 disks, you get a very good commentary on episode VII by Genndy Tartakovsky and Bryan Andrews. Get used to their voices, as they are on the next 4 commentary tracks as well. There is also a fairly good making of, although it doesn't feature as many people as it does on the premier movie disk. Also included are the usual, decent, still galleries.

Score: 7
Overall: 7

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