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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Samurai Jack: Episode VIII Review

Season: 1
Plot: Jack is split into two halves, good, normal Jack, and Mad Jack.
Score: 5.6
Review: The plot idea of this episode is incredibly generic. The whole episode is basically Jack and Mad Jack running at each other and screaming and then fighting. This episode's main significance is it introduces Jack without his hair tied, and it corrects some pacing by being one of the first episodes to be entirely action with almost no plot. Otherwise, it is another mediocre Season 1 episode.

Incidentally, this is the Daily Cynic's 50th post. Happy 50th post all my nonexistant readers! God, its like I'm just, talking to myself on the internet. I need to get a life. Oh, by the way, this post has a crapload of labels...I'M TALKING TO MYSELF AGAIN!

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