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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hagen Dazs

The debate tournament went great, I went undefeated. But this post is to talk about something else I did on Oahu. I went to Hagen Dazs Iced Cream. We had 20 minutes of free time at Ala Moana, of which I spent 15 searching for a bathroom. When I finally arrived at our meeting place, the food court, I was exhausted (I'd also been up at that point for about 14 or so hours with only 2 hours of sleep the night before) but relieved. I glanced around the food court, and asked myself if I could only go to one place there, where would I go. The answer was obvious, the most amazing iced cream store I've ever been to. Seriously, the packaged Hagen Dazs iced cream we get in the stores here is awesome, but putting a scoop of that world class iced cream in a chocolate sprinkle cone and covering it in sprinkles is something else.

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