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Thursday, July 2, 2009

I just died a little inside.
Words cannot describe how much I hate CN Real.  Not only does it betray everything the channel is for, but it betrays all the animation fans who still care about quality 2D animation. I'd heard about this and raged about it before, but Greenblatt's few words and the video are so sad that it really shows the whole thing. 
BOYCOTT CN REAL. The shows are not worth your time, and I hope to make it so they're not worth the network's while. 

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Racattack Force said...

I hope yo realize that the empty animation studio thing was a bitter joke. I'm as mad as you are about this, and I hope Rob Sorcher realizes what a big mistake CN Real was (they are already getting ratings backlash) and gets rid of it all by Spring. Either that or Snyder decides to replaces him with someone else.