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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Film Seminar

My school hosted a film seminar today, and although the scene was mostly adults trying to get into or succeed in the industry, it was a valuable experience and it got me some good contacts. Things started off with an address from David Cunningham. When I read his bio I thought "he directed The Seeker" man, that movie sucked. Then I saw his presentation, it was funny and informative, he was smart and his other movies looked good. Then I found out that after he had finished shooting The Seeker the studio decided to market it to 8 year-olds rather than the teen audience he expected. One thing was made clear: if I want to get into this business, I'd better prepare to be screwed over. Television producer Karl Fink described situations such as a gritty show about war and rebellion turning into a show about crime fighting dolphins, and a ripoff of his show airing right before he finished making his, forcing him to change his tactics. I will go more into each of the mini "breakout sessions" I attended and the rest of the program in future posts. 

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