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Friday, October 3, 2008

The Shak Budisen Movie is Still Alive

The production of the Shak Budisen "movie" is slowly moving along, and it should still be ready by winter. I hope to finish it before that so I can start my next webtoon and use it to promote the movie. I recorded a long overdue cameo by my friend Jesse Tarnas as the senile drummer Red Palmer, and I talked to Kevin Temmer on about doing some 3-D Animation for the movie and for my new webtoon SafetyNet. Which means things are gonna get awesome. Of course, the voice timing is awful as always, but the Shak movie will have actual backgrounds and background music, animation and voices not made by me, and all new character models. I hope to have it out by mid December, and to premier SafetyNet in mid November.

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