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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thoughts on Ghost Rider: The Deterioration of Action Scenes

When someone goes to see a movie like Ghost Rider, the least they can expect is some good action scenes. However, it seems like a new trend in Hollywood action fodder: not much actual action. First of all, Ghost Rider is a movie that takes itself about 10 times as seriously as it should. It seems to think it is some emotional, deep, epic, exciting, ghost story, but it doesn't seem to actually deliver on the action. It seems like once Spider Man introduced super heroes with emotional problems to Hollywood, every super hero movie has tried to copy it. However, emotion is much harder to execute than action, but with the focus of the day set on developing emotional conflict, the action is shoved aside. Now in some cases that may be a good thing, but usually, when a movie is bad, it can fall back on action. Not so with Ghost Rider. Each of the villain's main henchmen fall prey to Ghost Rider within 7 seconds. It doesn't help that the titular character's powers turn him into a glorified special effect. If Hollywood can't do action anymore, than what can it do?

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