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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some Lego Stop Motion and Shak Budisen Movie Update

Here's my entry into the overpopulated world of lego stop motion. I mostly just made it for fun. The Shak Budisen movie is really coming along. There's almost 4 minutes of completed voices, animation, sound and music, so Shak is aimed for a winter release instead of summer. The Shak Budisen movie will be one of, if not the last Shak cartoon I make so I'm moving on after this. I may make another trailer. I probably will just revise the old one.


James Sutton said...

Oh! I love Stopmotion!

I'm trying to pick up some SD cards for my camera so I can do the same.

MasterK said...

Cool. There's something about stopmotion that just looks cool.