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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Film Profile: South Park Memories

Ok, s0, my parents won't let me post my short film here, apparently because there's all like some creepy people on the internet, and since I'm in the film, and they're parents, I'm unable to show you my film style (which is much more refined than my crude animation). I personally think it's kinda lame that I'm billing myself as a filmmaker, and haven't posted any films. So, although its kinda weak, heres some info on my latest film, South Park Memories.
Premise: Convince my parents to let me see the film: South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, by creating a mock documentary showing my fall into insanity from not seeing the movie.
Style: There are three different shot styles, one is in color, fullscreen, and sometimes has a date in the corner and is designed as fake footage from a mental asylum where my character died. Another uses the widescreen setting on my camera (1.66:1), is in color, and features the mock filmmaker I created, Baron Von Helmetier, delivering the premise and message of the film. The majority of the film is in black and white and widescreen, and is designed as fake footage of a fictional childhood, filmed with an actor cast as me, documenting my downfall. However, all parts in the film except for a toilet paper roll, are played by me.
Outcome: Although the film failed to earn me the rights to see the South Park movie, it was entertaining enough to earn me the rights to see more episodes of the show leading up to my viewing of the film at the end of the year.

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