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Sunday, May 4, 2008

What is happening at this very moment, and what happened slightly before it+ one crazy dream

I am sitting at my computer typing "I am sitting at my computer typing" Before that: I have started work on Shak Budisen episode II, and I had an amazing dream that inspired me for a movie. I had this dream after watching The Science of Sleep. Hmm. Anyways, I had a dream about a society taken over and shattered, and Calvin and Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes were in it, except Calvin had a Calvin and Hobbes comic book. There was this processing station where the captured society people were, and Calvin ripped some pages from his own comic book and to take with him into a ruined world. Then, he and Hobbes were driving through this tangle of dead branches by a beach made of smooth river pebbles. Than, they found cannibals on the beach and they chased them and the pebbles were all bloody and than Calvin and Hobbes, relying on the knowledge from the comic book, learned how to fish by tying Calvin to a rope with a lot of bait and lowering him into the water. And then I woke up. This gave me a scenario for a movie: The world is undergoing an apocolypse, and the inhabitants are being brainwashed to be made into slaves. After they are brainwashed, a young boy and girl who know nothing of society, find a stash hidden in a tree. It contains half a pack of chewing gum, a model of the starship Enterprise, and a stack of Calvin and Hobbes comics. Using the comics as their only guide, the boy and girl take flight, and, as they have no prior knowledge of society, they treat everything in the comics as if it were real. Each taking the role of either Calvin or Hobbes, two confused, over-imaginative, hyperactive children take off on a wild chase through a post-apocolyptic world, holding the keys to the future in their hands, and as the only escapees who know anything about saving themselves (note I didn't say the only escapees) they just might save the world and put things right again. The question is: do they want to, and if so, at what cost? Movie studios, if you dare take my ideas and ruin and Hollywoodidise them, I will crap my pants and shove my sodden, feces-laden boxers down your throats. Whew, what a threatening sentence!

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