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Monday, May 26, 2008

Meet the Has-Beens

The Has-Beens are a rock band in the Shak Budisen universe who have come to Shak's town to play their last concert. In the order they appear in the video, here are their character profiles:
Red Palmer: Drums, Red is probably the only member of the has-beens to retain his musical talent, unfortunately, he can't stay awake long enough to play a whole concert.
Maxi Dump: Singing and "GEETAR" Maxi Dump is jovial, happy, and unintelligent, and an egotistical ham. He doesn't actually play his guitar, which is actually a water jug painted with flames and with a fret board added. I conceived his name when I was coming back from the park and there was a pickup truck with a dumper on it and it said Maxi Dump and I said "Hey I sometimes take a Maxi Dump"
Dave "Jack the Ripper" Ramirez Lopez-Coen: Rehab? Dave should have been in the retirement home a while ago as he is quite senile and frequently crosses the border to lunacy. However, the band keeps him with them because he was the most popular member of the band during their heyday.

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