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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Maturity, religeon, and control.

I am a control freak, non-religeous, and insanely immature. What do these things have to do with each other? Well, if you want control over your life, how can you believe that everything you know is under the control of a supreme diety, and that you have no say in the matter of who you are. Man, that's depressing. Now maturity goes back to our mothers, and our manners. I'm sure we've all had parents tell us to clean our rooms, say "excuse me" when you burp, and not swear. This is why, as a control freak, I am immature: if our entire social code is based on an arbitrary, pre-determined set of inconvenient conditions that have gradually been ground into our collective conscience, than you are constantly in combat with a code of etiquitte ( I think I misspelled that, but who cares) which limits your social possibilities to be in control of your life with a constant need to conform to a basic code. (whew, that was a long sentence) Which brings me back to religeon. Religeon has its own code of manners and obligations, like going to Church on Sundays, and not saying the lord's name in vain, which in turn is forced upon us due to our social conscience of respecting other's religeons, thereby meaning that the people who run the religeons have control over who we respect. However, some of these religeous laws are so uptight that even the people who practice the religeon don't follow them. It goes on and on in a never-ending cycle. One that I'm trying to break, which is why I love cartoons, and movies like "Big Trouble in Little China" "Tremors" and so on. This cycle of maturity is also one of the reasons I don't want to get married. First of all, there's the obvious part: when you are married, everything you own you share with your spouse. As a control freak, how am I supposed to handle forking over my hard-earned crap for such a petty inconsistant thing such as love. Also, when a man marries a woman, one of the terms is to "make an honest woman out of her" nowadays, it seems more like the woman makes an honest man out of her husband, making him into, hopefully for their kids, a responsible father. If the man has kids, and he wants to treat them well, he has very little choice but to comply. And from there on, both him and his wife, who once enjoyed a free, young life, are locked into an endless cycle of ever increasing responsibilities that niether of them have any control over. I understand that there must be some magic in getting married and raising a family, otherwise people wouldn't do it. But as a control freak, I don't see how I could.

Man... this ranting business is fun.

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