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Friday, February 29, 2008

Samurai Jack Episode VII Review

Season: 1
Storyboarded and Written by: Mark and Brian Andrews
Plot: Jack attempts to conquer a tower guarded by three blind archers in order to use the magic well at the top to go back in time.
Score: 8.5
Review: This is a hint of things to come. This episode features great action, as well as the Samurai Jack staple of emotional connection to the dynamic battles without much dialouge. It begins with an action scene not featuring Jack, however, once Jack is brought into the plot, it falls victim to the number one season 1 fault: The pacing suddenly lags, with a rather long lead up to Jack's battle. However, once started, the action is exhillarating and the end will leave the viewer in awe. This is unquestionably the best episode of the first season.

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