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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Noggin' it Up in Rutabegese Coming Soon, Sicko Review, Not Really

I've officially finished with Billee and Frank, so now it's time for "Noggin' It Up in Rutabegese" It features a guy named "Pandybatter" who is very angry, constantly drinks egg nog, is a chef and occasionaly speaks rutabegese, a made up language made up of only the word rutabega, which nobody can understand. His catch phrase is Blaaaaaagggghhhhh! Here's the planned episode schedual.

Season 1
Pandybatter Palace
Pandybatter Jr.

Season 2
The Return of Substitute Professor Pandybatter

Season 3
Pandybatter Sells Out

Post your ideas for "???" stories in the comments section.

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